Tuesday 9 August 2016: Very Funny Truth Of Staff At First United 

I overheard  very funny conversation of a former employee at the First United shelter, is now homeless and crazy. What makes that fact more funny is another employee told the truth of the employees here. The employees here at mental issues at their former shelter of employment and couldn’t abide with the employment rules. It has been stated because of the employees former psychotic episodes, the employees‘ supervisor is „more tolerant,“ of the employees pass employment at previous shelters. Yesterday, I saw a nigger man employee at a psychotic episode, to where he suddenly became very angered and was ready to physical fight a person, also because the employees frequently has emotional breakdown, staff are rarely available, yesterday, a man said, he is „wasting“ his „time waiting. It’s true, most employees can only emotionally one person per day, then the employee would either be gone for the rest of the day or return several hours later.