Now I Am Learning The Castilian Language 

I have little knowledge of the Mestizin dialect of the American continents. Before yesterday, I didn’t know, the Mestizine people has a candy cake for Christmas day and the Day of Epiphany in January. Yesterday, I tried to read a magazine in the Mestizin dialect but, the sentences didn’t made sense. There was a sentence written in the Mestizin dialect of „Services of the Lived,“ „lived“ as dead. Wouldn’t that be mortorary services and Castilian language does has the prefix of „mort“ just as in the English language. I can comprehend most written mestizin words, but such as „Services of The Lived,“ I don’t comprehend the meaning of written mestizin dialect. My mom taught me to understand Castilian language and I don’t comprehend the Mestizin dialect speakers, also my mom read the Castilian language Christian Bible. I wasn’t taught to speak the Castilian language nor was taught to write in Castilian language. With Castilian language much similarities of the present tense to the German language present tense helps me a lot to learn, who to write the Castilian language, sometimes, the Castilian language syntax is similar to the German syntax. Both Castilian language and the German language are very formal, in both language a simple phrase can have much meaning without writing the words „you“ or „I.“ I enjoy the sounds of the Castilian language, the Castilian sounds are very Aryan Supremacist sounds and I become very racially proud of the Nazi sounds of the Castilian language. It will take longer for me to be fluent in Castilian language, but I would like to talk in the Nazi Castilian language to the Mestizin dialect speakers, a sort of a God’s rebuke for the mestizine anti white racist harassments.