Monday 7 August 2016: Lynn Had An Episode Of Germanophic Paranoid Schezophenic

At First United shelter, I am still seeing Lynn, from the Salvation army health system of Vancouver Coastal Health. Whenever I receive my pharmacare card, it will return to Point Care at Davie St, at least Dr. Ho told me, which health services are available at point care clinic. Dr Ho is a family doctor but, he has a general doctor license of therapy, different types of medicine of different field of medicine practices but Dr. Ho can give me Dr. referral, perhaps for the eye doctor. I saw Lynn here yesterday, and she had a paranoid schezophenic episode and an case of multiple personalities disorder. Lynn personality disorder was manifested in Lynn believed she was acting on behalf of the government agents, who issue „work permits.“ In addition, Lynn omitted that befor the work permit is accepted, a government agent interviews one, about one’s previous work experience, and one’s physical ability to work. Lynn who played the part of the agent who issues work permits, converse as if the work permit agents, would completely ignored the process of accepting the work permit, as if one was applying for an ID. The only requirement for an ID is a government issued ID and documentation of one’s place of residency. Now, Lynn will only see me for her profession of social worker, only for health.