Sunday 7 August 2016: „Images“ On Google.Com Has Pictures Of 2016 California „Big Ones“ Earthquake Effects 

I researched the images on for news of the „big ones“ earthquakes at California this year. I read images of news reports, written in modern technology, in addition more details of the earthquake damage, compared to the mass riots and fires at the San Francisco bay area during April 1906. During the big ones, I saw picture of earthquake damage at Stanford University, during the 1906 riots at Stanford, some body pushed a statue over, the same location, did had a replacement statue, but after the big earthquakes at California during May this year, the immediate location, where the statue was located completely fell in pieces to the ground, the statue was broken in the debris too. The man made reclaimed land, of parts of San Francisco municipality, returned to the water of the San Francisco bay area. After the riots and fires at San Francisco in April 1906, only the Downton area was completely destroyed but during 1906, the occupied areas of San Francisco was much small to current city limits of San Francisco. I saw a current picture of the complete destruction of San Francisco, viewing southward to the current south limit of San Francisco, that southern part of municipal San Francisco didn’t exist during 1906. Also, in 1906, the limit of the residential San Francisco was the small hills that divided San Francisco to the Pacific ocean. In the picture the land area was completely full as current San Francisco but twin peaks were gone from the modern picture, only the mountain near South San Francisco remains. San Francisco itself was completely burn, to the south city limits to the ocean, even the debris burnt by the fire. I saw another picture of San Jose, it doesn’t exists either. All the urban cities in California were destroyed by the 2016 big ones earthquakes. Sacramento had severe structural damage to, by the 2016 earthquakes but another effect of the big earthquakes at California, at the Sacramento delta, the levees failed or liquefied because of the shaking of the large earthquakes. Because the Sacramento delta levees collapse, most of the western side of the Sacramento valley is now under water, including Sacramento city. My mom and lived at Foothills Farm in Sacramento county. My only sadness of the destruction of California was the time, I lived at Sacramento county with my mom and our pet cat Luz. Lake Tahoe had several earthquake damage, a mountain landslide caused a tsunami on Lake Tahoe waters, and wild fires near Lake Tahoe. Santa Barbara was totally destroyed, similar to San Francisco, not even debris of the destruction of Santa Barbara were shown in the picture. The effects of the earthquake damage at San Diego, is a little more censored compared to the other locations where I saw the Google images of the California earthquakes of 2016.