The Reason I Don’t Frequently Watch The YouTube Video Of Katherine Schuttler

One, of the reasons, I frequently don’t watch Katharina’s music video, is because, it feels to good to be true, of the possibility of Katharina to be my future wife. Anyways, throughout my life, I have learned to protect myself, of „better safe than sorry“ and confirmation from God Himself. I have learned much of female Aryans sexual desire for Aryan men, which was a great benefit of my knowledge of reproduction. With the knowledge of reproduction plus love for one’s wife, I feel overwhelmed for romantic love, of I have no knowledge about romantic love nor any reference. Of my lack of knowledge of romantic love, I am reminded of „Sleeping At Last“ song of the lyrics „I want to love you but I don’t know how.“ I do know romantic love and friendship with one’s wife is more relevant to the marriage than reproduction, because the consequences of reproduction is the result of romantic love and friendship with one’s wife. There’s another song from Sleeping At Last of „Son;“ the song describes an Aryan males first sexual intercourse with his wife. For virgin females, I my mom described to me the female bleeding of the internal tissue, breaking from the penis, but Aryan men are woriedsom about their own first sexual intercourse with his wife, but because of pain on the penis, because the corona of the penis is very sensitive of touch, many neurobiological receptors. I have noticed from conversations from Judin hermphrodrite gay whores, their hermphrodrite male penis, they don’t have the very sensitive neurobiological receptors, for instance the gay term of „bursting a nut,“ is that the maximum of their neurological receptors!? An Aryan male first sexual intercourse with his wife will be sensory overwhelming because of the very sensitive neurobiological receptors. The singer described the overwhelming sensation in the song „song“ of „slow down“ and some lyrics which describes the extreme sensation of sex for the Aryan male.