Friday 5 August 2016

Yesterday and today, I frequently thought about my mom, I was reminded of my mom’s favorite year of 1956. During the year 1956, many events occurred in my mom’s life, I think during the year 1956, my mom was introduced to the Church of God of Prophecy by a sponsored family, after my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun moved to the USA, my mom made friend with a daughter of the Christian family, my mom told me their friendship was deep, as sister like relationship. Also, during the year of 1956, Operation Wetback was in process, in the USA, now, I do know my mother rejoiced about the deportation of the malicious mestizin in America during the 1950’s. In the year 2012, in the USA, when mass deportations, commenced in the USA, my mom did sounded, with a sort of glad emphasis, of the mass deportation of the Mestizine, in parts of Washington state, my mom frequently looked outside our apartment’s sliding door, to view the ICE officers, arrest homeless people, at the bus stop, across from our apartment. My mom told me, a conversation she had, with her daughter Judy. Judy told my mom, everyone in the USA were required to carry their passports with them at all time, even born citizens would be deported without a passport.My mom wasn’t concerned about the possibility of her daughter’s and their descendants of being deported, my mom told me, Judy was scared because of the total price of the passports for her children, from what I know, my mom didn’t financially helped Judy, for the passports. I was told, my mom, told all her daughter to return to their father Elias birth nation of Mexico. In fact, my mom told me the truth of her daughter Sylvia, I asked my mom about the possibility of a large earthquake in California and the possibility of her daughter death, my mom told me, if they die, that is their choice, if they wanted to survive an earthquake, they do know where to move, but it is their choice to remain in California. I asked my mom, where would the Jews born in the USA, be deported, my mom responded, „perhaps Mexico.“ Today, I often became sadden for the thought, if my mom was alive, how proud, she must feel, to see, that I become a very strong man, independent  (not relying on anything,) only relying for God, for my survival but while I am facing precequetion, God has providing all my basic need; a bed to sleep in, not on the streets, food; often more food than I could eat. God has provided me with free clothing, shorts, similar to the shorts, my maternal Grandfather Adolf Hitler wore. God is with me at times of trouble and I do know, the plans of our enemies will not succeed; although, the length of time, is long during my times, of trouble, I do feel rejoicefull, because I do know the situation I was in, prior, to my time of trouble, will result better, after the time of trouble has ended. My short residency at California  (felt as a terrible two years vacation.) My attempt to move to the United kingdom but eventually lead to my current residency in Canada, also the Pacific Northwest, as if, those two years at California were nothing, as to feel, as if, I only moved to Vancouver BC, because to live at Vancouver, feels as the „home“ feeling, I felt when I lived with my mom at Seattle. I do sense any other time of trouble, in the near future, but I sense, this time, it may be one lasts, but by God’s grace and God’s will, perhaps, after the time of trouble, by God’s will, I sense a faster process for my complete independence. God has emotionally prepared me for the times of trouble. The last attempt by our enemies, by reading the Bible, God has shown me, His plan, of my future reign of the United Kingdom and the rest of my future realms, that has bless me with His Aryan Supremacisy, by God’s Bible, God has taught me, the culture of Aryan Supremacy is not a display of vanity but rather it is our existence as God has blessed the Aryan race with superior Aryan DNA „it IS not vanity, it IS your life.“ I disliked the physical structure of the Haven shelter, the interior architecture of the building was very similar to both Peter Pedersen house & Judy Avalos house, as a „coincidence“ similar anti white racist paranoid schezophenic behavior became of the employees, similar to the paranoid schezophenia of the „medical“ staff at Santa Clara mental health. Yesterday, I  became a resident of First United Church, currently, the church is only a shelter, but now, what seems to be symbolic of the interior  architecture of First United, is the movie „Sweetland,“ and „12 Monkeys;“ but especially the movie „12 Monkeys,“ because of the current time of tribulation and, now the global virus. This are examples of how God prepares me before anti white racist paranoid schezophenia. Another example of God’s preparedness for me, was the intake, here at First United, but the only similarity to the intake interview, to the movie „Sweetland,“ was the attempted omission of the events, of discrimination based on ancestry, was a factor to the false imprisonment at Santa Clara mental hospital, the omission by Louis, the intake interviewer, was if „you are a Nazi?“ To, the omission of that question to avoid the fact of my ancestry, to which, I replied to the truth of the false imprisonment at Santa Clara mental hospital based on my ancestry, and I told Louise, the staff (at Santa Clara mental hospital) „believed in the stereotype of Nazi descendants being dangerous to all people.“ One good thing about First United, is the staff, has their assigned posts, similar to the employees at a library. God has answered another of my desire, to know members of the Aryan race, my first interaction, online with an Aryan was Ryan, of Sleeping At Last. I like the „official“ form of the English language of Sleeping Atlast, the present tense of the word Atlas. I first communicated with Ryan via Snapchat, where Ryan had a joke reference to the movie „The Martian“ with the character has a Roman salute. My mom and I enjoyed translated phrase into European language for fun and for education of knowledgeable of Aryan languages. I posted, Ryan’s lyrics into „official“ English language, the German language, and the Castilian language. What was funny about translating, the lyrics into German and Castilian is, the combined meaning of the German language translation and the Castilian language translation was almost the exact meaning of Ryan’s lyrics in the song „Saturn.“ Later, a few days, my mom’s enthusiasm to write Aryan languages in letters, Ryan has a similar enjoyment curiosity  has my mom has. Because of Ryan, I am learning the typical joking of the members of the Aryan race. Learning of another Aryan phenotype is Paul Banks, which I enjoy because I don’t feel alone, at the same time, I feel grief about my mom, because Paul Banks personality is very similar to mine, the confidence too, to which I deeply desire for my mom to see me now, what my mom wanted me to be, has finally arrived.