Friday 5 August 2016: My First Day At First United Shelter 

Yesterday, the Judin hermphrodite man Jasen, the employee of the Salvation army shelter „Anchor,“ took me to the current shelter of my residence at First United. The Judin Jasen, had a strange conversation, of which didn’t have relevance of that situation. Jasen, asked me about „how“ I „like“ „California.“ I replied to Jasen, I  hate California and much racism existed at California, in addition, I told Jansen, my mom and I moved to Seattle from California because of the racism at California and „my didn’t like that people.“ My mom didn’t like the Mexican people nor the rest of the Mestizine race. Recently, within the year of 2016, California became popular for what it really was, San Francisco bay area had the nick name of San Francisco wannabe New York bay area, because everyone knew the hostility of New York is actually the real culture of the San Francisco bay area. The Pacific Northwest is more tolerant of Aryans, that was why, my mom and I moved to Seattle. At the First United Shelter, at least, I was allowed to stay there, but for the rest of the day, most of the employees were in chaos, either employees were not physically at the shelter or non sense events occurred, such as closing up the large waiting room, for about an hour before dinner, then the waiting room was reopened, a little before 7 pm. Other than the chaotic employees yesterday, the shelter is very boring. Yesterday, an paranoid schezophenic Judin employee, pycholocally regressed to her toddler years of talk, whenever those insane paranoid schezophenic Judin talk to me in their toddler talk, I like to speak to them the English of England accent with its different syntax compared to the North American dialect, for that Judin female paranoid schezophenic employee, I repeated what she told me but with the European universal of yes, of yeah, which is spelled differently in Castilian but is still spelled the same, the French language has a similar sounding word for the German „ja“ the French word is „ouais.“ So, I responded to insane Judin, yeah, a trans..for..mation (dots means, I pronounced the word slowly, so, the Judin will noticed the difference of the English from England.) Also, in English from England „tion“ is pronounced very different than the North American dialect, the letters  OI is prounced as a different type of sound of the  E sound , the North American dialect doesn’t have the English from England E of OI sound,  plus the letter N is pronounced very strongly in English, the sounds are more Germanic in its prounciation, than the North American dialect. Also, at the First United some racially mixed Mulattine with Sandnigger employee , lied about knowing the German language. The Mulattine sandnigger, only knew how to say „Sprachen sie die Deutsch?“ The simple response is the German rely of „ja,“ but that Mulattine sandnigger didn’t even understood the German word of the meaning yes, then the Mulattin Sandnigger said an non existing phrase of „ich Sprachen,“ I told the Mulattine sandnigger he was wrong, the German syntax is different, in the German language syntax the phrase is „ja, Sprachen ich“ or if one really prefer to be formal, it is „ja, Sprachen ich die Deutsch.“ The Mulattine sandnigger went further with the improper German syntax  of the English „you are“ in German language in the proper syntax, it is „du ist“ in general but depending of the entire sentence, it may, be too, ist du, especially, in beginning a phrase. In the German language, in a beginning of a sentence, it is proper to state the condition of (or the existence) before the noun. In the German language once the existing word description is used, another existing word description isn’t used until the last word in the sentence. Like this, ist….the noun sentence; is the sentence has more words of existence, the last word in the sentence is the existing word, Rudolf Hess „Deutschland ist Hitler aber Deutschland Hitler ist.“