A Similarity Between The Haven Shelter At Vancouver, BC & „Star Trek Voyager,“ Episode „The Haven“

My last „day“ at the Haven shelter was on Thursday 4 August 2016. During my stay at the Haven shelter, I thought of the Star Trek episode of The Haven. The Haven episode is about, how the Star Trek Voyager’s character was „assimilatied“ into the „Borgs'“ „collective.“ The assimilated character’s name is 7 of 9, prior of 7 of 9’s assimilation at the „starship“ Haven, 7 of 9 was a „human“ girl. In a cultural sense, Germanophobic anti white racist Judin at the Salvation Army shelter system, wanted, in a sense, to be „assimilated“ by giving no choice but to leave the shelter. In consideration of humor of the entire anti white racist Germanophobic events at the Salvation Army shelter system, it were as if the „Borg“ symbolic were the employees at the Salvation Army shelter system in Vancouver.