Tuesday 2 August 2016: Day Of Anti White Racist Paranoid Schezophenic Judin Hermphrodite Gay Whores

Today wasn’t too bad, concerning the herd mentality of the anti white racist Judin gay whore hermphrodite. I did noticed a few Judin hermphrodite gay whore, were upset, today, for the collapsing of the Judin gay whore instrudry, in Vancouver. Some anti white racist Judin gay whore employee from the Vancouver Harbour Light Kitchen, had a psychotic episode. The Haven Shelter has a policy of no food in the dorm, but the meaning of that policy, implies to don’t eating food in the dorms. Most „residents“ to pack food in their dorms, to be eaten at a later time. In the morning, a paranoid schezophenic Judin hermphrodite gay whore employee told me, no food, to which I replied, I am only packing the food and I not going to eat the food in the dorm, to which the anti white racist Judin gay whore explained to me, of a non existing „border“ of the entrance of the hall, which in the paranoid schezophenic reality, the food „border“ starts at the hallway. Then at dinner time, at the Vancouver Harbour Light Kitchen, some anti white racist gay whore Judin, displayed emotions of insecurity with racial hatred against the Aryans. I do know the Judin hermphrodrite gay whore’s hatred, did had to do with the Judin gay orgy, among the „male“ Judin gay whoring co workers; perhaps, the dinner employee who is a Judin hermphrodite gay whore, was emotionally upset, for the loss of his homosexual co worker „partner,“ of the bold worker, who has the gay whoring stereotype of sadomaschismo. Tim, become, upset about the loss of the Judin hermphrodrite gay whoring employees of the Salvation Army shelter system. Tim said some paranoid schezophenic general non sense of „food“  (without a specific location, without a precise definition of food, even beverages can be considered „food“) „they would kick you out.“ It made sense Tim, was referring to the employees at The Haven Shelter but the imprecise lack of a precise location, does indeed sound very funny, as if the employees at the Haven were all seeing, and were able to see me, where ever I may be, eating my food. An example, is, if I ate food at the library’s food court , per Tim’s lack of the English language, Tim communicated this; as if employees at the Haven were be able to see me eating there at the library’s food court  and therefore, I may get „kicked“ our from the Haven.