Thursday 4 August 2016: Leading Staff At Vancouver Salvation Army System Had Racially Induced Nervous Breakdown 

I don’t know how to interpret yesterday’s racial junk at the Anchor. Jason spoke to me about my swastika t shirt, I asked him about how Muslims are treated at the Anchor, if are discussion occurred at a court a law; Jason admitted, the true nature of the racism at the Salvation Army shelter system, Jason confessed „people down here,“ attack both Muslims and Jews. At the Vancouver Army shelter system, staff maliciously cut of the curls of the Jews. I explained to Jason, people out there (general public) are more tolerant than the people in here, the Anchor & including the entire Salvation Army shelter system. Another Judin admitted about reading my blogs and described „harsh“ of the anti white racist events which occurred to me at the Salvation Army shelter system, but he changed his conversation to racial hatred against the Germans. That insane Judin Hermphrodite gay whore gave me two choices, to not wear my t shirt and no longer post blogs. I said No, and I stated international laws; freedom of speech, freedom to express my political views, and the freedom to express my culture, which is the Aryan Supremacist culture of the Third German Reich, DNA of course. I am reminded of the Biblical verse, „it IS not vanity, it IS your life.“ That Judin hermphrodrite gay orgy whore said „staff“ at the Salvation Army shelter systems are afraid of me but the Judin hermphrodite omitted the reason of their fear, which indicates the illegal racial stereotype of the Germans, of the Judin insane belief of Germans are automatically „dangerous.“