The Judin Hermphrodite Gay Whoring Employees At The Vancouver Salvation Army Shelter Has Heeded The Illegal Stereotype Of The Germans Are A „Dangerous“ People For Our Existence 

It has happened once again here in Vancouver, BC; the Germanophodia has their anti white racist special watch over me, verifying their collective anti white racist Germanophobia of the existence of the Germans are „dangerous.“ The Judin hermphrodrite gay whore pimp, was the one who started the illegal watch based on his Germanlphobia of the German people are dangerous simply for our existence. That illegal anti white racist stereotype of the Germans, is now being copied at the Vancouver Harbour Light Kitchen. I had sat in numerous locations at the dining room since, I told the truth about the anti white racist Justine Judin whore „man.“ During that time, someone is always maliciously watching over me, emotionally they do believe the anti white racist stereotype of the German people.