Monday 1 August 2016: Mulattin „Resident“ At The Haven Shelter 

Yesterday, a Mulattin male, started his „residency“ at the Haven shelter. The Mulattin male has a disgusting pig image, pig shaped face, especially his noise, a fat grotesque stomach. The Mulattin male said, he was from „El Salvador.“ My mom’s oldest daughter had a friend named „Morena,“ but she lied a lot, once Morena state she was born in El Salvador but Morena considered herself Mexican and „Latina.“ My mom lived for a few years in Mexico but my mom didn’t know the Mexican culture, other than is widely known about the Mexicans, are killers, kidnapping ramsoners. I asked my mom what the mestizin classified themselves in Mexico. My mom told me, during the time, my mom lived in Mexico, the Mexicans didn’t use racial terminology of „Latino,“ but I think the Mexicans consider themselves „Hispanics“ and part of the Mestizin „Raza.“ My mom told me the Mestizine in Mexico hate Spaniard visitors, I asked my mom, if the Mexicans had a slang term for the Spaniards, my mom told me the word, but I have forgotten it, I do remember, my mom told me, the word meant, a person who talked between their teeth. My mom told me, the Mestizine in Mexico hated my mom, at school my mom was frequently hitted by her teachers and my mom never returned to school, but my mom and her mom, Eva Braun lived in isolation in Mexico. I asked my mom, if Mexico had a racial caste system, my mom never really answered that question, my mom explained to me, the Mestizine considered themselves „white“ but my mom and I discussed only Aryans are white, my mom explained to me, the Mestizin considered themselves children of the Spaniards, but my mom explained to me, the Mexicans are racially mixed, my mom taught me the term mestizos, racially mixed Aryans & aboriginals of Mexico, my mom told me, Mexico had black people from Africa, and Mulattine people, Mexico has many witch doctors. My mom taught me, Mexico is a very primitive. Actually I don’t know the typical racial behaviorism of the Mestizine people, the Mestizine people my mom communicated with were Christians but the majority of the Mestizine aren’t Christians. I wonder if Morena’s behavior is typical of the Mestizine?