Sunday 31 July 2016: Fag Extremists Day At Vancouver, BC

Today was fag extremist day at Vancouver, BC, it was a day, which the genocidal fags, promostrated their true criminal existence. Many stickers on the ground, referring to drug use, old Judin man hermphrodite gay whore stereotype of a paedophile. A Judin hermphrodite gay whore Judin man with a female companion, just as dogs, the Judin hermphrodite gag whore man had a psychotic smile, which was funny of his paranoid schezophenic mentality. Then some Judin hermphrodite gay whore pervert who didn’t actually have biological male reproductive organs but some hermphrodite external organs. The non mankind inferior degenerate gay whoring fags at Vancouver BC are much worse than the fags at San Francisco, because residents of San Francisco discuss to the insane homosexual the truth of the homosexual insanity in addition to telling them the truth of homosexual paedophile people and transgenderism doesn’t exist, for instance a female told a „transgender“ man, he was a man because he has „a dick.“ The female was very upset and told everyone „men have dicks, women don’t.“