My Protesting Against The Genocidal Paranoid Schezophenics Homosexual 

Last week, I planned to wear my swastika t shirt until Tuesday 26 July 2016, then I read, the week is fag extremist week or „Pride week.“ I haven’t heard of a „pride week“ or fag, in the former USA, June was fag extremist month, and the last weekend in June was whatever they called their weekend, the „celebration“ of fag month was only one day of the last weekend in June. Fag month wasn’t „celebrated“ in the former USA, only propaganda of fag extremist commercializing symbols, as the fag extremist colors. In Canada, fag week is highly commercialized, by business and the media, with fag extremist colors, the media commercialize the non existing „victimhood“ of the fags. In fact, the media portrays the tags in Canada very similarly to the niggers in the former USA, who were involved in the nigger movement, is it possible, the media true agenda is to cause another type of social anarchy, which was the result of the nigger movement of the former USA. My protesting against the genocidal Homosexual, is to portray to those genocide homosexuals, the Aryan race are God’s because, it is the fags, by God’s judgement who are already guilty from God Himself. The Aryan race, by God’s grace will fight against the fags, for our own survival, it is the fags, who are a bunch of homicidal suicidal genocidal paranoid schezophenic hypocrites, which the fags lie of their guilty status and proclaimed a „victimhood“ mentality for the general public, not to noticed their criminal existence.