My Mom Discussed To Me The Aging Process 

When my mom aged to 70 years old, I asked my mom, how does time feel during those 70’s years. My mom told me, time goes by quickly. I asked, if she noticed the aging process on her personality. My mom said „no,“ my mom told me, she still felt young, but her body was „deposing.“ My mom explained to me, whenever, she looked at herself in the mirror, she is surprised by how old she looks. My mom told me, she often joked to herself about her aged appearance and my mom told me, when she looked at herself at the mirror she would say „who is this old woman with gray hair? My mom told me she doesn’t feel that way (old.) My mom told me the aging process is only on one’s body not on one’s soul. My mom explained to me one’s soul always feel youthful and playful, even during physical old age. My birthday is this October, I noticed no chance in my soul during 35 years. Since I am still physically young, I have noticed slight physical aging process, especially getting bald, at this age of 35, the baldness is the only sign of aging. Also, during the years, one’s faith in God increases too. The brain operates as a very advanced supper computer, created by God, another aging process, I have noticed is much memories, more knowledge in all factual sciences. The fruit of the spirit become more strong, to where one may sense, a spirit of chaotic hatred in the public, even while I am not in the public. There are times, when I miss my mom. I miss that she would worry for me, and at those moments, I feel totally physically alone in the entire world. It is only a slightly moderate sadness because I know God Himself is with me.