Enneagram Test Is Incapable With Aryan Culture 

Many of the questions of the Enneagram Test are „romantic“ in nature, „are you a romantic?“ In the Aryan culture „romanticism“ doesn’t exist. In the American continent being „romantic“ is treated as bait for a partner, as if a flavor of „I strach your back, now strach me back.“ In the Aryan culture, the wife of a man is treated as his best friend, and the mother of his children, the Aryan married couple assists each other for support as is written in the Bible the „female is the helper of the man.“ The Aryan father is the figure head of God, not in controlling his wife, but to be totally devoted to her. The Aryan father represents God’s love for his children but God’s love is perfect to His Elect. Also, many questions in the Enneagram of God like abilities to view everything in the future and by having a clear view of the future, one will make a decision. God like abilities to know everything from everyone, as if one would know everyone in the world very personally. Then there are non sense questions, of being nervous, then distracting oneself. When I get nervous, I don’t think of the nervousness, I just feel nervous for a short while, then the nervous feeling automatically disappears. Then questions of self confidence but including questions of acceptance from others. I don’t care about the acceptance of other, why would acceptance be a requirement of self confidence!! Then questions of if everyone is perfectly friendly or harshly malicious, which in reality doesn’t exist. The result of the Enneagram Test for me was „results not clear“ with bunch of numbers with letters.