Wednesday 27 July 2016: Staff At Salvation Army Shelter System Admitted In Satan Worshipping 

Whenever anyone knows the Bible but purposely lie about the meaning of the Biblical verses, by God’s definition, they are Satan worshipper. When Jesus was on Earth, Jesus spoke to the Jews, the Jews did knew about the truth of the Bible but the Jews lied of the meaning of the Biblical verses. Jesus called the Jews „children of satan,“ Satan is the father of lies and Jesus told the Jews „you are like your father Satan, father of lies.“ I knew of the routine of the staffs of paranoid schezophenia, their insanity beings, when I enter the Haven Shelter, then the routine paranoid schezophenia at the kitchen, then the routine of the paranoid schezophenia for a few minutes, after dinner, then off and on paranoid schezophenia during the hour of 7pm. The paranoid schezophenia of the staff at the Salvation Army shelter system is exactly similar to the paranoid schezophenia of the employees of the Santa Clara mental health both were Satan worshippers, and paranoid schezophenic Germanophobics. With the precedents of the Satan worshipping Germanophobics paranoid schezophenic staff at the Salvation Army shelter system, I have no reason to trust any employee at the Salvation Army shelter system.