Thursday 28 July 2016: Tim Is A Paranoid Schezophenic Anti White Racist Homosexual 

Today, Tim discussed to me, he is an anti white racist Germanophic paranoid schezophenic homosexual. Tim discussed to me the movie „Ace Ventura,“ I commented to Tim, the actor of the movie is too involved in homosexuality, then Tim said some paranoid schezophenic non sense of the murderous fags, to which I responded to the cause of the insanity of the homosexuals. Homosexual sex is biologically incapable, for what natural purpose is semen mixed with shit, would be a natural behavior!? My mom taught me how gay men get AIDS, my mom told me, the internal male reproductive system supposed to be clean, fecal matter has much germs, after that insane junk homosexual behavior is the literally poisoness fecal matter enters a male’s urine track, then the body obsurbes the poisoness fecal matter and the poison becomes a mutated virus, the same for the other Homosexual partner. My mom told me an homosexual „couple“ may naturally contract the virus by unnatural exchange of fluids or a „partner“ may already have a virus and contaminate his „partner“ with the virus.