The Haven Shelter, Outdoor Evening Activities On Thursday 28 July 2016

It was announced yesterday, of outdoor activities during the evening of Thursday 28 July 2016. Of course I will not attend that evening event, I now know the majority of the individuals at the Haven Shelter, of which, they hate me and I hate them. I wouldn’t interact with them directly. Tim, is the only one I do have conversations with, but Tim hates me too, but since Tim is a talkative individual, with conversations of which I have interest in, I do talk to him too, though, I don’t trust Tim. Today, I had a chance to visit the Beacon Shelter, it was good, I wasn’t placed in the Beacon Shelter. Perhaps, half of the „residents“ at the Beacon Shelter; behavior mannerism, fashion of clothing is 1990’s gangster clothing. Now I know, those gangster clothing people are more likely, compared to the general public, to be involved in the suicidal homicidal homosexual gay activities of their own type of homosexual pleasure of fighting with men, to fulfill their own type of sexual perverted non existening homosexual gay whore pleasure. Also with the typical gangster homosexual fighting for homosexual pleasure, the employees at the Beacon Shelter are more protected for their gay whore men fighting club, which means, the employees at the Beacon Shelter are more emotional obvious of their own racial hatred against the Germans and the Aryan race.