Wednesday 27 July 2016: „Professional“ Anarchy At Vancouver Salvation Army Shelter System 

The definition of „professional“ anarchy at the Salvation Army shelter system, is reference to, the unmanageable business of the Salvation Army shelter system. Staff at the Salvation Army shelter system, no longer knows, what their counterpart employees are doing at the other shelters. This morning a female employee Judin didn’t know if dinner is to be served this evening, the female Judin had to confirm with the kitchen staff. Without any noticed, the „teddy bear“ Judin gay whore man, employee of the Haven shelter, stated, the Haven shelter will be closed until 9 am today. It was good, I waited until the the gay whoring voice of the Judin hermphrodite gay whore man employee at the Haven shelter, because most other „residents“ of the Haven didn’t have any notice. Then, afterwards, at the kitchen of the Salvation army, across the street from the Haven, the female Judin had a paranoid schezophenic episode, of „everyone“ knew the Haven Shelter will be closed until 9 am. I knew the Judin female had a paranoid schezophenic episode because, if people knew, the temporary closure of the Haven shelter would had been discussed, also, most of the „residents“ appeared with a frustrated anger, as if they became angered simply because, the residents knew of the closure and where upset about visiting the Beacon Shelter. In reality, it is the contrary, during the evenings, around 8 pm, the Beacon Shelter is open for „residents“ of the Haven shelter, to use the Beacon Shelter’s internet computer. I never seen the „residents“ of the Haven appeared angered about visiting the Beacon Shelter, every night at 8 pm!! At The Haven, the „residents“ who visits the Beacon Shelter every night, appeared to be excited about visiting the Beacon Shelter, as if their emotions displayed a bordeness with being at the Haven shelter. Tomorrow, I have to talk with those anti white racist Germanophobia paranoid schezophenic staff again at the Anchor, which is deeply disappointed that I have to interact with those legitimate „lunatics.“ I hate most of the employees at the Salvation Army shelter, mostly, they are a bunch of Germanophobic paranoid schezophenic non mankind inferior degenerates who cover up their racism against the German people, with the typical illegal racial stereotype of the German people, as if the German people were automatically „guilty“ of non existing issues of the paranoid schezophenic non mankind inferior degenerates, simply for the Germans DNA and Nazi culture, which God, the God of Abraham has blessed the Aryans with our Nazi culture. There is an actual Biblical verses about the existence of Nazism of the Aryans given by God, which are deeply explained by both English and German translation of the Bible. In the English language Bible, God’s wrath of His revenge is explain follow by the verse „it is not vanity, it is your life.“ God is discussing the Aryan’s DNA, God definition of „life“ „is in the blood.“ The English Biblical language Bible is very clear of God’s Aryan Supremacy, which in the previous verses, God communications both unholy and racial impurities. The German language Bible is more direct of the prophecy of a future king, which in the Bible, the monarchy is God’s law on Earth, with the future plural tense of monarchy, chosen by God, to deliver God’s laws.