The Hypcrocrosy Of „Racial Incluion“

The Aryan Supremacists don’t have a term of „racial inclusion“ but we hate all races for their collective desire of genocide against the Aryan race, but the individual non mankind inferior degenerate is seen different. The Aryan Supremacists are taught not to trust, any non mankind inferior degenerate, because, it is true, they are hypocrites. The non mankind inferior degenerates first authencally pretend to be one’s friend and once they believe, you trust them, they display their true genocidal nature to oneself. The prime examples are my mom’s daughters and my mom’s daughter’s descendants. My mom taught me, people should always be consistent, even with the hypocritical ideology of „racial inclusion.“ If they want to practice „racial inclusion,“ the Aryan race with the biological Aryan Supremacy should be accepted, for what should the proper definition of „racial inclusion“ is meant for!? For the mass ideology of „racial inclusion“ it is very surprising the mass gossiping of the non mankind inferior degenerates, of being hysterical about anti white racism, concerning illegal „policies,“ for this instance, the Vancouver Coast Healthcare System and the Salvation Army Shelter System.