Tuesday 26 July 2016: Paranoid Schezophenic Nurse, Anchor Staff More Involved In The Anti White Racist Discrimination That Happened At San Jose, CA

I was correct of the herd mentality of the illegal racial stereotype of the Germans which causes paranoid schezophenia. As I excepted, the staff at the Anchor is exactly copying the paranoid schezophenia which occurred at the Santa Clara mental health at San Jose, CA. One of the staff personnel confirmed to me that, in fact, the Vancouver Coastal Health System is an anti white racist health system. The Judin man anti white racist hermaphrodite as a employee of the Anchor spoke of the illegal discriminatory anti white racist hospital „policy“ of the comment of my swastika t shirt. The Judin male hermphrodite stated to me about my shirt „you know some people..be sensitive…(the National Symbol of the Third Reich) I replied to the Judin hermphrodite man „I know that is discrimination!“ No one was in that room except me and Salvation Army employees, which, legally, the Judin hermphrodrite man was discussing about the employees, themselves, or does he had an episode of paranoid schezophenia of much non existing people in the room!? At least the Judin hermphrodite men Salvation employee confirmed the illegal anti white racist „policy“ of the Salvation Army Shelter System at Vancouver. Also, the nurse copied the herd mentality of the of the paranoid schezophenics at the Santa Clara mental health  (The Paranoid Schezophenic ideology of a non existent Lopez Pedersen.) I told the nurse the illegal fault of the Judin hermphrodite gay whore man of Justine, Justine’s hatred of the German, which legally is a conflict of racial interest. The nurse’s (symbolic non existing Lopez Pedersen) was manifest by ignoring international laws of discrimination against racism and the nurse’s paranoid schezophenia was activated by placing the blame on me, of being I „purposely“ don’t want to work with the Germanophobic paranoid schezophenic anti white racist Judin gay whore man of Justine! After, I told the nurse about the Judin hermphrodite gay whore man of Justine of being racially against the German people, the Judin anti white racist nurse, also, lied about the anti white racism at the Vancouver Health System, which the employee at the Anchor admitted the entire Vancouver Health System has anti white racist „policy.“ The lie from the Judin female hermphrodite, was, the pharmacy only provides medicine for, a few days, for people who don’t have insurance, but those lies are being built upon. At my first visit at the pharmacy, the paranoid schezophenic pharmacists, first started with the lies of, the pharmacy doesn’t accept prescriptions from the doctor I saw, then the pharmacists lied about, the pharmacy doesn’t prescribe medicine for thirty days, then the paranoid schezophenic pharmacists lied that only doctor Leanordis is able to prescribe me medicine, which the lies are continued at the Anchor, where I see the nurse, which, the paranoid schezophenic staff at the Anchor tells me, only Karli can prescribe me medicine but Karli’s office, is at the same building of that paranoid schezophenic pharmacy.