Music Of The Year 2016

For most of the early 2000’s from the years of 2000 through 2014, not much new non mankind inferior degenerate music was made, comparing to the previous decades. Capitalism sort of ended in the USA near the time of the 9/11  terrorist attacks. During all the decade of the 2000’s the popular nigger music were radio station replays of the nigger music during the 1990’s. Everything changed in the year 2014, including popular music. During 2014, popular music wasn’t 1990’s nigger music anymore. The nigger music radio station in the San Francisco bay area had an image of old fashioned „nostalgic“ audio configuration of presentation. Similarly to the „rock and roll“ music on the radio station during the 1980’s of the 1950’s. During the year of 2015, the current day Nazi classical music started slowly to appear on YouTube, then during 2016, Nazi classical music become the most advertised genre on YouTube. Because YouTube is global and most of the YouTube music is Nazi classical music, the most popular music in the world is now the genre of Nazi classical music. The genre of current Nazi classical music, has the nickname of „Alexander Lapin“ music, which is now, the news theme music of the Global News channel.