Non Existent Racial Ideology Popular Among Some Individuals At Haven Shelter 

There are some individuals who have the paranoid schezophenic ideology of a racial utopia in the former USA. Racism always existed in the USA towards all races. During the mass social racial anarchy, in the former USA, during the ending of 2015 and beginning of 2016, people in the USA, because violent for the cover up of the Nigger movement. In the former USA the general population was so upset that they gossiped about every anti white racist event which happened to me, a sort of mass national protest against the manipulated media, on the contrary to the media’s effort of „racial solidarity“ for the Niggers, the media caused more racial hatred towards the Niggers, which for several months, gossipers across the USA were shouting Nigger at Niggers and calling their movement the Nigger movement. In reality among the people in America, the term isn’t „black lives matter movement“ but the truth of the malicious manipulative movement of the Nigger movement, the term Nigger Movement is very detailed the factual racial stereotype of the Niggers of Nigger, which are a bunch of criminal bunch of brain less monkeys and the term „movement“ which describes the anarchist part of the criminal niggers. As if those men are in a paranoid schezophenic state of reality, I have noticed everyone is sensitive to cover up cultural advertising and homosexual conversations on tv. For instance, everyone become noticeably uncomfortable for mestizin tv commercial, I too hate those commercials because I am reminded of the very hateful extremist Mestizine and their religious practices of Satan worshiping. In addition, there is a general hatred of disgust towards the media fags, two fag reports of a football game to which reporters stated their homosexual ideology of the football players of which, even used as „innocent“ metaphors, those movements didn’t happened during the game. In addition to the non existing racial utopia, some paranoid schezophenic residents at the Haven Shelter believed anyone in America can get any job they wanted, which truthfully is furtherest of reality. I remember some reporter stated illegal aliens in America had more rights granted to them than rights of American citizenship. Illegal aliens were given free state ID cards, without any form of USA nor state ID with social organizations giving the illegal aliens financial wavers (paid for.) Higher education was totally free for all illegal aliens. American citizens were the ones who were being laid off and were being replaced by an illegal aliens work force in America.