My Protest Against The Paranoid Schezophenic Non Mankind Inferior Degenerates Gay Whores From Saturday 23 July 2016 Through Tuesday 26 July 2016

Because of the Germanophobic paranoid schezophenic ideology from the non mankind inferior degenerates which started yesterday; today, I decided to have my protest by wearing my swastika shirt until Tuesday 26 July 2016 for the reason of the anti white racist Germanophodia paranoid schezophenic environment of the majority of the staff at the Salvation Army shelter Anchor. My late mother too wore specific clothing to express her disapproval of non mankind inferior degenerate events but my mom didn’t call it protesting but expressing her disapproval of the fags for Seattle fag day in late June. It is a funny ironony that the Germanophobia paranoid schezophenic became more active later this week because of the fag days of the insane homosexual days of fag extremism which is manipulative called by the extremist fag suicidal homosexuals as „gay pride.“ I frequently read the Vancouver metro news paper, this week, I saw advertisements for fag whore extremist celebrations around Vancouver, this weekend. So because of the weekend of the celebrations of the fag whore extremists, I decided to wear my swastika t shirt. For Monday, I decided to wear my swastika t shirt for the demonic revenge among the brain less non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore (because I do know their herd mentality of Germanophobia paranoid schezophenia) of set up events, which are publicly known. I cancelled and fired the anti white racist Germanophobic Judin gay whore man Justine as my social worker for Monday morning, but I do know the possibility of the Germanophobia paranoid schezophenic anti white racism among the non mankind inferior degenerates this Monday.