Mestizine Are Ashamed To Share About Their Culture 

It is known of the truth of the mestizine culture in the Americas, they are a bunch of sexual murders Satan worshippers. In America, there is a complete mass media cultural cover up of the murderous Satan worshiping dominant culture of the mestizine America. In Canada, there is a cultural media of the murderous Satan worshipper cultures of the mestizine America, but the majority of mestizine events, organizations, restaurants do advertise the murderous Satan worshiping culture of the mestizine culture of the Americas, here in Canada. This morning, a mestizin old man, said good day to me in the mestizin dialect. I was about to talk to the mestizin old man of which country he is from, but he left. It is typical of the mestizin, they don’t have legitimate conversations with me, all the conversations, I had with mestizine are greetings and basic information such as when the mestizine misheard information intended for the public.