By God’s Authority, My German Aryan Supremacist Culture „isn’t Vanity“

In 5 Mose 32: 46, 47. Gesetzes zu halten und zu tun. 47. Denn es ist nicht ein leers Wort an euch, sodern es ist euer Leben. Translation into English „Gesetzes“ is future plural-possivie tense of a monarch throne, „a law to will be to sit on throne.“ With royal authority „halten und zu tun“ means, the monarch will stop it, and the monarch will do. Then it is not vain „law“ for you (plural), thereby it is your (plural-race) life, the swastika the laws of God of God’s protection to the Aryan race of Psalms 91, under the wings of the Almighty and Christ sacrifice the cross or the swastika, a Christian symbol only for the Aryan race. Deu 32:47. For it is not a vain thing for you: because it is your life.) Aryan Supremacy by one’s existence with superior Aryan DNA.