22 July 2016: Termination Of Justine’s As My „Social Worker“

Within this hour, I spoke to the Judin hermphrodite gay whore man Justine, to end his employment with me. Justine, during the phone conversation Justine was insisting to continue to be my social worker. I did explain to Justine, I only wanted to see Lynn for the help of the social worker. As if the Judin hermphrodite gay whore Justine didn’t hear me, or perhaps he, again had an active episode of paranoid schezophenia because, Justine asked me of question of being my social worker, for an appointment Monday morning. I just cause not to trust the Judin hermphrodite gay whore Justine, because the false imprisonment at Santa Clara mental health system, started with very similar paranoid schezophenia doctors at Santa Clara mental health system at San Jose, but this time, Justine admitted his racist stereotype of the Germans of being physically threatening as Justine commented his „fear“ of being „hurt“ by me, which was the illegal reason, the doctor at San Jose, CA placed a 72 hours hold on my. Basically the first doctor, I saw commented „people are afraid“ of me, in that same conversation, the doctor was discussing my WordPress posts, which, I have written the anti white racism, I experience, therefore because my WordPress posts are concerning my experience of anti white racism with the comment of the doctor „people are afraid“ the result idea, IS the anti white racist, anti racist German racial stereotype of the German existence of precieve by those anti white racist people as a physical threat, their idea of the physical threat is NOT based on fact but on racism, their idea of threat is only base on the existence of the German people, which is factual Germanophobia. Because of the previous imprisonment at San Jose, I have government documentation to proof racism against the German by what Justine said here in Vancouver, B.C, this past Thursday morning. In addition it may be likely because of the herd mentality of the paranoid schezophenic anti white racists, Justine may try to attempt on illegal revenge too, because that illegal revenge was an illegal excuse for the false imprisonment at the hospital at San Jose. Furthermore, if the Judin hermphrodite gay whore Justine didn’t hear me because of his paranoid schezophenia, the Justine Judin gay whore man, asked me, when I wanted to be Lynn, because of both ending the employment of Justine as my social worker and the likelihood of some sort of illegal manipulation by Justine to motivated more anti white racist paranoid schezophenia ideology against me of Lynn, I  replied to Justine I will see „Lynn at her discretion.“ The last paranoid schezophenic statement Justine told me was „I will talk to you later.“ I replied to the paranoid schezophenic anti white racist Justine Judin hermphrodite gay whore man „I don’t want to talk with you anymore!“ I have to see the nurse this coming Tuesday at the Anchor, part of the salvation army system, during that visit this coming Tuesday, I can see Lynn, it is not required for that Justine paranoid schezophenic anti white racist Judin hermphrodite gay whore to make an appointment for me, because as the paranoid schezophenic Justine is aware of, appointment to see the nurse and the social worker are made across the street at Salvation Army Harbour Light, with the temporary social workers.