„Men Of Intregerty“ Magazine 

Based on the Biblical definition, the magazine „Men Of Intregerty“ is a religious Satanic magazine. During Jesus ministry on Earth Jesus called the Jews „children of Satan,“ because the Jews are „religious“ liars. For instance, the Biblical Old Testament Sabbath was turning into an idol worship for the Sabbath itself. Jesus rebuked the Jews, after Jesus preformed miracles on Sabbath. Jesus explained to the Jews, the Jews religion was only towards the Old Testament laws, which Jesus explained to the Jews, the Jews should had faith in God Himself and God Himself deserves to be worship and honored, not the Old Testament laws. Every true believer of God during the Old Testament, knew of the future messiah, the rituals of the Old Testament was to remind God’s people of the sacrifice of Jesus. They knew the animal sacrifice was temporarily until Jesus died and rose from the grave. The age of disposition Sabbath is Jesus Christ Himself as was represented of the Biblical meaning of the Old Testament Sabbath. The Old Testament Sabbath was to physically rest, worship God and ministry, the same of the current day of the Lord’s Sabbath which is Sunday.