Incidents Which Communication With North American Dialect Speakers, Was Incomprehensible 

Since, I have lived with my mom in isolation from directly interacting with the public in the USA, I didn’t realized the North American Dialect. Perhaps in addition to the anti white racism, my mom experienced of her German language accent, when she spoke the English language, my mom spoke English, totally in the German language syntax, which the North American dialect speakers didn’t understood. As a result, my mom preferred to speak in Castilian to unknown individuals, but with the mestizin, my mom frequently didn’t understood the mestizin dialect, but on most occasions, the mestizine were able to understand the Castilian language. I finally noticed the North American dialect, when I had to speak to members of the public on a daily basis. I have noticed on many occasions, North American dialect speakers, literally don’t really understand, the English pronouncination of numbers. The other day, I spoke to a anti white racist non mankind inferior degenerate female pharmacist, who didn’t understood the English pronouncination of the word „first,“ for the anti white racist non mankind inferior degenerate to comprehend the word „first,“ I had to say the word „first“ two times and pointed my finger to indicate the number one. There is an anti white racist nurse female, who is deeply taught in the North American dialect, which is very vague mode of communicated dialect. I have learned from the example of my mom, during when communication was important, my mom verbally stated her right to be understood, also in a medical situation as the North American dialect speaker of the female nurses. I  too will protect my right of proper communication and explain to the female nurse, I  don’t comprehend her because of the vague nature of the North American dialect. Similarly, to my mom, I will explain to the female nurse, I was born in London, UK, the English from England is spoken in detail. Other words, North American dialect speakers don’t understand  (not everyone) is the English pronouncination of the word „water,“ the letters „UK,“ and the reality of Vancouver Public Library. The word „library“ is very specific to the public library system, some of the North American dialect speakers, perhaps anywhere books aren’t bought but loaned is a library such as any collection of books, which has nothing to do with the proper definition of the word „library.“