21 July 2016; Another Day Of Anti White Racists Paranoid Schezophenia At The Anchor The Salvation Army 

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a Judin hermphrodrite fag man, licenced „social worker“ who has an active episode of paranoid schezophenia, during his conversation with me. The paranoia was emotionally triggered by the Judin hermphrodite gay man Justine’s fear of the Germans or Germanophobia which then triggers Justine’s conversation with is not based on reality but Justine’s conversation was based on his own psychotic believes, which is similar to the technical psychological disorder of the main character in the movie „Believer.“ In this type of psychological disorder, Justine disclosed his malicious intentions but with his schezophenia he placed his malicious intentions not on himself but used me to identify himself. I was almost laughing at the psychotic conversation that Justine was one way talking with me, to which he noticed but also used me to identify himself, to emotionally explain to me, Justine was very emotionally uncomfortable. In truth I was trying to be friendly to him because, there wasn’t any rational reason for Justine to have an active episode of paranoid schezophenia. I do feel as if the medical profession has changed roles, as if I had the job of visiting them for medical profession and diagnosing them and emotional supporting them. Then another Judin hermphrodite gay whore man, who was a pharmacist at the paranoid schezophenic non professional pharmacy. The Judin male hermphrodite gay whore, stated some non existing letter for a letter in my last name, for which I corrected by stating the truth of his North American dialect, which activated his paranoid schezophenia, and lied that my medicine didn’t even existed, has in the psychotic reality of the Judin hermphrodite gay whore man pharmacist, he didn’t disclosed the fact about my new medicine was in the pharmacy data base. The Judin male hermphrodite gay whore, first looked up my new prescription then search the drawers, if the new medicine wasn’t in the pharmacy’s data base for which reason would the paranoid schezophenic Judin hermphrodite gay whore pharmacist, search the drawers for!? I knew some event of this would happen yesterday because a similar event occurred with my mom and the receptionist at an University of Washington medical center near the University of Washington at Seattle. My mom explained to the receptionist that my mom can’t understand the mestizin dialect „junk“ of the translator at the clinic, which the receptionist became intolerant to Aryan Supremacist to which my mom responded to the receptionist, my mom told the receptionist, my late mother is the daughter of Adolf Hitler and my mom did told the receptionist my late mother is an Aryan Supremacist to which the receptionist stated the anti white racist junk of „inclusive“ and literally discharged my mom from the clinic. My mom’s case was different than mine, yesterday, because after my mom was discharged from the clinic a medical staff spoke to the receptionist and told the receptionist my mom was correct and my mom saw another medical staff at that clinic but eventually my mom stopped her treatment at the clinic near the University mainly for the insufficiency of the pharmacy, which had only two pharmacists which hours of waiting for prescription to be filled. That was a somewhat legitimate reason because that clinic was more busy than Stanford University medical center.