Today, I Finally Discovered The North American English Is A Dialect

I have noticed by my experience in living in both the USA and Canada; by a large amount of individuals, don’t comprehend the English from England. I have noticed many North American direct speakers are vague in their communication. I don’t yet realize, how the English from England is analyzed in thought among the individuals, who are speakers of the North American dialect, nor do I know, the reason of many individuals, do understand the English from England. I have spoken to born individuals of the North American continent, with „proper“ education, but yet, they do speak the North American dialect and don’t understand the English from England. Now, I realize, the syntax of the North American dialect is drastic enough to be not understand on my part and on the part of the born individuals, who were born in the North American continent. The difference is drastic as the difference of the Castilian language and the mestizin dialect of the American continent.