I Have Automatic Perminate Canadian Residency Because Of The British Commonwealth 

I automatically became a perminate resident of Canada, since I arrived at Vancouver, BC; on April 30, 2016. I submitted an application to receive a Canadian Perminate Resident ID card. The automatic Canadian residency  is available for everyone born in the Commonwealth, but prove is required, even for me. I told the Canadian border service of my birthplace of London, UK, my father Prince Charles and his birthplace in the United kingdom. My mom’s maiden name and first name, Maria Hitler and my mom’s birthplace of The German Third Reich, which the Canadian government confirmed the information by itself. My United kingdom passport is also being started by the information I provided of the „profile“ government papers. Whenever I received the UK passport and saved enough money, I would like to first visit my mom’s aunt, cousin in El Paso, TX and then perhaps decide to attend a Christian concert in America. There are things, I wish to do in Canada, perhaps attend college and travel, perhaps a Christian concert in Canada. I noticed to visit a new city is much more fun to explore, similar to when I explored Chicago, the same day, I attended the Christian concert at All State Arena, in Rosemont, IL. Several decades past, my maternal Great Aunt, enjoyed to shop at Cuidad Juarez because, the USA dollar was much stronger to the Mexican currency, she only went there to shop or sightseeing at the shopping centers and malls. Now, my maternal Great Aunt’s family members who drives, are very busy with travelling locally for their careers and education which means, they have less gasoline to travel for pleasure, even locally. So if I  did visit my maternal Great Aunt, maternal Great cousin, it is very unlikely because of lack of money; they would visit Cuidad Juarez. It is likely because of their lack of gasoline, most of our time in El Paso would be sent indoors with home made cooking, not even eating out at El Paso’s restaurants. I researched residency requirements for individuals born outside the British Commonwealth; individuals born outside had to apply for a visa and support themselves totally financial, they can’t receive any government assistance, probably some work permit in addition to a residential visa.