The Racial History Of Vancouver Canada 

I knew Vancouver Canada had a similar racial history to Washington state, the other day, I looked online to research Vancouver’s racial history which is similar to Washington state’s racial history. My mom preferred to live in Seattle because of the Aryan Supremacist racial history of Washington state, specifically Seattle metro, my mom even preferred to live deeper in Seattle’s metro Aryan Supremacist history and she desire to live in Seattle’s metro East side, where the fags, comunists are less. Most of the north end of Seattle was somewhat segregated from the comunists. The geographic center of Seattle had the most coloured people in the Seattle metro, the mestizin residents were segregated to the neighborhoods very near South Park, as a „community“ the mestizin were limited to only South Park. Vancouver Canada too had a racial history of Aryan Supremacy of the Canadian ku klax Klan or Kanadian Ku Klax Klan. When I lived in Seattle with my mom, I asked my mom, where are the Ku Klax Klan in current day Seattle. My mom explained to me, the modern day My Klax Klan still has their business office near Westlake Mall in downtown Seattle, the real ku klax Klan are in hiding and wear business close at work, „so nobody knows who they are.“ The real ku klax Klan conducts DNA analysis on their recruits and if their recruits are not 100 per cent Aryan, then the recruit is murdered. My mom told me one of the Ku Klax Klan office, other than their main office near Westlake Mall, is an old theater near Washington state convention center, the old theater of an white eagle. My mom explained to me because the building was built during the 1930’s plus the eagle with the „Fraternal order,“ my mom explained to „Fraternal order“ mean the real Ku Klax Klan in current day Seattle. Vancouver Canada has a  of real Ku Klax Klan as similar to Seattle. It is described online the modern day Ku Klax Klan in Vancouver has raised families in a house since the 1920’s. Which the Ku Klax Klan corporated with the Aryan Supremacist Canada government for the Ku Klax Klan safety and has designated the Ku Klax Klan house as a hospital for children. I am very glad there are much Aryan Supremacist in the Vancouver metro area but of course the are in hiding for their safety as was the case in Seattle. I would expect the province of British Columbia is racially segregated similarly as Washington state with the majority of mestizin people residents are, were in the southern interior at farm lands.