Saturday 16 July 2016: Paranoid Schezophenic Staff At Powell Had Herd Mentality Cover Up Insanity Comments 

Some of the staff at the pharmacy at Powell pharmacy had paranoid schezophenia, in addition to a cover up. I do know Canada law because the laws in the former USA had similar laws. Because the paranoid schezophenic pharmacists believed they weren’t in Canadian jurisdiction, the paranoid schezophenic pharmacists didn’t give me a brochure of their policies, which would include the clinics of where they can fill prescriptions and which medical insurance are accepted at the pharmacy. At Pure pharmacy, I was given some of Pure pharmacy medical coverage notes, including testing for the elderly for diabetes. The staff paranoid schezophenic cover up lies are very obvious and primitive, as if I didn’t know the laws in Canada or perhaps the staff are confirming their paranoid schezophenic mental condition of not being in Canada but in some unknown other jurisdiction, which exists only for themselves, not based on reality.