Monday 18 July 2016: Theme Today Among The Paranoid Schezophenic Non Mankind Inferior Degenerates Is „Gay“ Day 

The theme today, especially from the Judin male hermphrodite fag whores is „gay“ day. During the time, so far, that I have lived in Vancouver, BC; I have learned the anti white racist harassment about my Third Reich cultural clothing has to do with the insanity or paranoid schezophenia from the fag hermphrodite gay whore men non mankind inferior degenerates, especially the Judin hermphrodite gay whore men. The non mankind inferior degenerates anti white racist gay whoring discrimination started again at the Salvation Army shelter, with some Judin hermphrodite gay whore man had an episode of active paranoid schezophenia, and believed in gay hardcore pornography. Because the word „hardcore“ in the English language is explicit pornography. My mom would has yelled at that gay porn obsessed whore, she would has told him, the Third German Reich national symbol isn’t pornography!!! In addition my mom would continue to yell at him and she would yell „homosexual“ to him, whether she would say it in English slang or in the German language and my mom would had spoken the verse in the book of Hiob which states Monde.. lugen. Then during my walk to the Vancouver library plaza, I encountered another paranoid schezophenic Judin hermphrodite gay whore man, who stated the truth of the homicidal suicidal homosexual fag men, but what that Judin hermphrodite gay whore omitted was the homicidal suicidal homosexuals are a threat to the general public (not only the Aryan) even a threat to their own paranoid schezophenic homicidal suicidal „partners“ of non mankind inferior degenerates gay whores. Today, many paranoid schezophenic non mankind inferior degenerates hermphrodite gay whore men were at the Vancouver Public Library, who had that insane psychotic murderous stares, which is typical of the homicidal suicidal gay whore men. I noticed illegal racial quota at the Salvation Army shelter, yesterday. The ratio of the mestizin population in Vancouver, BC is small. How ironic with a small mestizin population, TWO mestizin were at the Salvation Army shelter. What would the racial ratio be at the Salvation Army shelter compared to Vancouver’s population!? In reality of the racial ratio was legitimate represented at the Salvation Army shelter, no mestizin would be residents there but chinks, Judin, Sandniggers. The former USA government was into the corrupted racial financing as tax free organizations or „non profit“ social services organizations. It is likely modern Canada has ended the racial discrimination practice of „non profit“ for social services organizations. A paranoid schezophenic herd mentality at the staff at the Salvation Army shelter of anti white racism of being every time I try to enter the Salvation Army shelter and a change of shift New staff member, would discriminate against me, the staff individuals would pretend that I am not a resident at the shelter. There are supporting events that does indicate the fact of racial discrimination against me, I have spent several hours a day, for more than a week, now. During this past week, I rarely heard a similar clueless paranoid schezophenic episode from the Salvation Army shelter window staff toward other residents but contrary, during the times when most residents arrived at the Salvation Army shelter, the Salvation Army shelter window staff would listen to music. Perhaps, the paranoid schezophenic anti white racist staff would try to cover up their anti white racist discrimination at the window, which is possible because now I  know the routine of those herd mentality paranoid schezophenic anti white racist staff. In addition of the window staff being anti white racist, the staff members are dreaf too. So the lie of „we do ask residents their bed numbers, while  the music is playing“ shall be another paranoid schezophenic lie, because I do know the hearing abilities of the staff and they are actually deaf towards all residents.