July 16, 2016: „Professionals“ Vancouver Medical System Has Some Sort Of Severe Psychological Issues 

I noticed an insane copy cat insanity mentality among the „medical proprofessionals,“ similar to the insane non mankind inferior degenerates at Santa Clara Medical Center. The first day, I met the medical professionals was this past Tuesday, during that day, the medical staff were helpful. That same day, I had an „intake“ similar to the „intake“ of Dr. Xu. On the application, one of the questions was „ethnicity.“ After my „intake“ that was when the medical staff went insane. It has been rumored the psychological diagnoses are „paranoid schizophrenia“ among the medical staff. Tuesday, morning I was told by medical staff, I would have two prescriptions filled, to be picked up on Thursday. Thursday morning, the doctor prescribed only one medicine, in addition, during Thursday morning, I was told to see a doctor at Bridge Clinic, when on Thursday morning, the nurse who communicated with the original doctor, told me a doctor will fill the rest of my prescriptions. Friday, I saw the doctor at Bridge Clinic, where the female doctor was insane with some non existing doctor of „Katherine“ whom the Judin female  doctor believed previously prescribed the medicine I obtain at the medical center at Davie st, Dr. Ho isn’t doctor Katherine, nor did doctor Ho prescribed any medication for me, this past 13th. I was told by the doctor Susan at Bridge Clinic to fill the prescriptions at the prescriptions at the pharmacy at Powell st. The staff at the pharmacy were more insane than the Judin doctor at Bridge Clinic. The anti white racist Chink at the pharmacy has paranoid schezophenia and had insane comments which were obviously contradicting, first, the paranoid schezophenic anti white racist pharmacist Chink said, they couldn’t fill the prescription because, as those anti white racist paranoid schezophenic chinks stated, the pharmacy doesn’t fill out medicine for 30 day! So am I to believe this pharmacy isn’t legally registered with the government!? No, that pharmacy paranoid schezophenia is based on the insanity of insanity of anti white racism from both those insane chinks at the pharmacy. Then both chinks went further into their paranoid schezophenia and insanely lied, and said, I had to see a doctor, who works directly with the pharmacy, since as the insane paranoid schezophenic lies were, the Bride Clinic prescription isn’t valid at the pharmacy, as if the Bridge Clinic was in another province or nation. Of course that „ilegitamte“ pharmacy does accept prescriptions from registered doctors as the doctor, I saw at Bridge Clinic was registered with the government of Canada. So by these facts, one may assume both paranoid schezophenic chinks believe they aren’t in Canada, perhaps, they both believe they both are at their Chink nations!! This paranoid schezophenia of the anti white racist chinks at the Powell pharmacy is the same paranoid schezophenic routine of the insane chinks at Santa Clara mental health at San Jose, CA, except with these anti white racist Chink at the Powell pharmacy who has paranoid schezophenia, I noticed those paranoid schezophenic chinks, are attempting to avoid the total result of the false imprisonment at Santa Clara mental health, by those paranoid schezophenic anti white racist, to refuse medical services to me, specifically medications, which legally they had to fill the prescriptions. Today, the anti white racist Chink who has paranoid schezophenia, was rageful, as was Dr. Xu was during an appointment, that was the beginning of the false witness by Dr. Xu. Dr. Xu paranoid schezophenia was emotionally triggered when I told Dr. Xu, my birthplace of Lodon, United kingdom and my ethnicity of pure German. After, I had that intake, here in Canada concerning my ethnicity not only was it obvious of the paranoid schezophenia staff at the Powell pharmacy, but the professional behavior by most of the staff at the location of meals, which are served across the street from the Salvation Army shelter; the staff have began to lazy and unorganized in both serving meals, and one’s preparing of food on one’s plate. The lazy junk at the Salvation Army dinning place, started a day after, a malicious, physically disabled Judin male hermphrodite was a volunteer server. The Judin hermphrodite man appeared both very grotesque and very threatening towards the Aryan race. I  scence a severe threat to the Aryan race because the grotesque, physically disabled body formation does in fact represents the Judin hermphrodite man twisted personality.