The Possiblility Of Attention Community College In Vancouver Canada 

During my last months, living in the San Francisco bay area, I visited Stanford university because I wanted to know the difference of the education of Stanford University and the community system  in America. The education at the community colleges are much more proper in both education and proper education to have a career. The University system in America had nothing relevant to both education and knowledge to have a career. In Canada the higher education is the same as America but the education is legitimate. In Canada, community college is the highest form of education. The Universities in Canada for similar to America’s education on worksite. For me, if I were to attend community college, it would cause, again grief for me, because of my memories of my mom. Besides attending church, my mom’s next favorite public event was to attend college. My mom enjoyed the students‘ enthusiasm which my mom told me benefits the encouragement to study. My mom discuss to me, such an environment is a legitimate place to listen to foreign discussing, which my mom told the instructor about Thanksgiving was started in the Old testament times and is globally celebrated. My mom’s other classmates were from Asian nations, they told the instructor, they too celebrate Thanksgiving at those specific locations. What I enjoyed about my mom, when I  attended community college was, when I told my mom the anti white racist obstacles at college, my mom would have a conversation with me, if the anti white racist discrimination would be minimal or worth the trouble. For instance, at Bothell Community College, a student activity room existed named (something) „Inclusive.“ With propaganda posters to „support“ the homosexual students. I explain to my mom, the term „inclusive“ among the homosexuals meant ONLY homosexuals. My mom explained to me they can’t do that. Then I explain to my mom, they don’t like Germans, they would probably be overly sensitive about my German t-shirts, and I explain to my mom, eating a free slice of pizza isn’t worth that trouble. My mom got very angered because the pizza supposed to be free for anyon at the college but she knew what I said about the anti white racist discrimination at the „inclusive“ room was correct. So now, in similar situations, I  would have to think about the anti white racism, such as those conversations I had with my mom at Bothell Community college.