Morning Of Monday 11 July 2016. Early Morning Moderate Earthquakes At Vancouver Canada

The acts of God are different for people. For me, the three early morning earthquake was the manifestations of God’s wrath against my mom’s late daughter Sylvia and Sylvia’s descendants. It has been mentioned don’t assume the salvation by Christ on anyone, except if they tell you directly but for God to tell one about others‘ salvation is the final judgement from God himself. Ever since, my mom and I moved to Seattle, when I dreamt of Sylvia and Magaly, I dream their age of during the mid 1990’s. Early this morning, I dream I was in Sylvia’s car with a younger Magaly and  Sylvia without Sammy. Magaly and Sylvia whispered to each other, then Magaly announced to me, her mom is taking me home, I asked Magaly why? Magaly said, she doesn’t like you, again I asked Magaly why? That was when I was awakened by the first earthquake this morning. The setting of my dream was outside of Hollister during the dry weather months in the late afternoon. During my dream, when Magaly said „home,“ there wasn’t any specific location but I wasn’t going to visit Sylvia at Hollister. Then I stayed awake until the second earthquake and after the second earthquake I slept lightly until the third earthquake.