July Racial Hysteria Again At Vancouver Canada 

  1. Now, I do know the current racial hysterical is now both in the entire North American continent, perhaps South America and gossiped globally. This new racial hysterical started as with the same racial hysteria during when I lived in the Bay area. After the terrorists attacks of Paris France combined with the people’s knowledge of the hypocritical nigger movement in America, mass racial hysteria started at America but it was really bad at the San Francisco bay area, people constantly yelling all day and especially during the night. People killing each other simply for talking about the Spaniards who discovered San Diego. During my trips to the main San Francisco library, there was literally mass hysteria of if almost everyone in Sam Francisco were yelling, they were yelling racial epithets such as the nigger movement, Chink yelling hysteria, bunch of sirens and helicopters. The few niggers who discussed about the nigger movement to the police in San Francisco, the San Francisco police officers explained to those people in a sarcastic manner but indirectly telling the niggers, they were literally crazy to believe in the Nigger movement which many individuals were arrested by the San Francisco police because those people became very angered about being labeled an insane individuals, then those people spoke about their own manipulative version of what they believe was a racial standard against the nigger, which in reality those people were arrested for a hate crime against the Aryan race.