Wednesday 6 July 2016: Current Coronal Mass Ejection 

Yesterday, I wrote the effect of the coronal mass ejections at Canada, landlines no longer works and the cell phone networks in Canada don’t work. The international cell phone networks still currently work but also, there are interruptions by the solar flares on the international cellphone networks, but at least I am able to communicate to my maternal Great Aunt at Texas. Last night there were many thunders not from meteorology but from the solar flares. Yesterday Memphis, Tennessee lost power because of the solar flares. I heard a report on YouTube an individual heard that thunder sound caused by the solar flares and then lost electronical power at his neighborhood, also parts of the American southeast lost electronical power. Because the maximum of the solar flares will be tomorrow and the thunder caused by the solar flares, it is likely between now and tomorrow, Vancouver Canada will loss electronical power too.