Wednesday 6 July 2016: Before 9:20 am, Large Distant Felt Strongly At Vancouver, BC

  • This morning before 9:19 am the effects of a distant large earthquake was felt at Vancouver Canada. The effect from the seismic wave, arrived from the north northwest, but because of the interior structure of the earth, just because the shaking arrived from the north northwest direction, especially in long distance seismic event; doesn’t signifies the earthquake’s epicenter originated from the geographical northwest direction of Vancouver BC. The movement of the earthquake in Vancouver Canada was stronger than the shaking of the 1989 earthquake in Santa Cruz. The strong earthquake here in Vancouver Canada was felt as a very strong dizziness while a strong seismic wave as to feel as if I would fall off the chair, while the seismic wave occurred. This morning seismic event was very strange because, no sound of shaking, the seismic wave weren’t noticeable by items vibrating by the earthquake nor any geographical nor structural sounds but it was an earthquake because many gossipers spoke of the earthquake.