I Do Have Much Vague Memories Of Lodon, United kingdom During My Few Years Of Life 

I do remember my Paternal Grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, vaguely, for instance, because of my interactions between my Maternal Grandmother Eva Braun, I knew I  had similar experiences with my Paternal Grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. When I lived in Cienaga road at Hollister, CA, my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun and I told naps and we spoke to each other. I once asked my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun is she was Grandma Elizabeth. I felt earthquakes when I lived in the United kingdom because I do remember what I thought during my first earthquake at Hollister. When the earthquake occurred I knew it was a natural occurrence but what was a little strange was the craking sounds of the house. I did knew the earthquake caused the house to make sounds but I  didn’t know why the house itself made sounds as if what is different from this house that made sounds during an earthquake. I remember I did turn my head around to see the house during the earthquake and the sound of the shaking house. At Cienga road, I do remember Elizabeth Lopez and Sylvia Lopez, I remember I didn’t like them because of their race. I often told them racial epithets and they told my mom, „Eli is being racist again.“ Then my mom become angered at her daughters and told them „just let him be.“ I don’t remember Judy the daughter of my mom at Cienga. During the Cienga years my mom’s were somewhat bitterly distance but they did answer my questions, when I asked them questions, I remember I once asked Sylvia about her long hair and I wanted to twist her hair because I thought Sylvia was Indian but Sylvia became angered at me if she was Indian because of her long hair and I was interested for the reason she had long hair, because at that age, I  believed the style of Sylvia long hair was because of the Indians (culture) Sylvia became angered at me and my mom evicted Sylvia. My mom got very angered at Sylvia and told her „you’re not my daughter anymore, get out off here.“ My mom’s daughters changed after the car accident of Elizabeth Lopez. That was when my mom’s daughters started their fake sibling love for me. I don’t remember Judy until the time Giovanni was born in 1985 but shortly before Giovanni was born, I do remember a picture was taken of Judy, Judy’s son Bobby and I south of Hollister, on a hill. When that picture was taken of Judy, I felt a sense of happiness and family love, whether the love was legitimate by Judy at that time, I don’t know, but for me that occasion felt special.