Yesterday, I Saw The Prophet Moses, The Original Moses 

When I first saw the prophet Moses, I felt excitement for two reasons, his presceptive of the present from the times of the Old Testament, but Moses lived in Heaven for awhile. I haven’t yet comprehend Moses life yet in Heaven but I do know Moses worshiped and spoke with God. Moses moved to Seattle because soon Chicago will have a very large earthquake, and something will happen by God in July the 7th. Moses looked at the windows of the buildings here in Vancouver  and Moses said, Eli, it does look futuristic. Moses told me he will be one of my government advisors when I am king, he’ll tell me when it is time to depart Earth. Moses does know about  reading the prophies are overwhelming for me, because when I read the prophies, the chronological time of the prophies seems to short in time, especially with preparing with government business.