Thursday 30 June 2016: Evening Of Insane Anti White Racist Harassment 

This late afternoon, the fag whore Judin hermphrodite Chris started the herd mentality of anti white racism at Cambie shelter. The gay whore Chris told me to take off my swastika shirt, then Chris told me I am a racist, I replied to Chris, „so are you!“ I was surprised by Chris reaction because Chris became angered and stated he wasn’t racist. Sort of reminds me of the movie „42“ except I tell the non mankind inferior degenerates the truth of Nazism and their own inferior existence. It was God’s timing about today, I read international laws about freedom of speech, freedom to express one’s culture and very specific laws concerning discrimination based on one’s culture, one’s race, one’s own political beliefs. So after the Chris insanity anti white racist episode, it appeared, a new guest which was mostly homosexual attracted to the gay Judin hermphrodite Chris. I noticed the herd mentality of avoiding the discussion of the real symbolism of the swastika, symbol of the ethnic German people and the entire Aryan race. The would be homosexual partner of Chris omitted his anger towards the Aryan race by stating his own homosexual arousal of his would be homosexual  of Chris. I knew his question about my shirt was symbolic for himself, Which encourage the new guest to state his reason of the motivation of his anti white racist discrimination. The news guest asked me if I wore my shirt to obtain an emotional reaction, which later I discovered he was referring to his disappointed of the loss of his would be homosexual partner of Chris. I also saw the insane would be biker, he too attempted to avoid the discussion of the ethnicity of the swastika for the German people. The insane biker attempted to manipulative the ethnic meaning of the swastika for making Nazi culture „bike“ culture. I told the insane biker he can’t be into Nazism because the biker is a non mankind inferior degenerate, in addition I explain to the biker the swastika is Aryan/German culture, to which I  noticed the emotional reaction of his anti white racist discrimination. Then some violent Judin hermphrodite gay whore went insane. Which I told the Judin fag whore; the Buddhist symbolic is both satanic and is symbolic for genocide against the Aryan race. Then almost every disapear or left the Cambie shelter.