My Mom’s Aunt, Cousin Are Hypocrites Similarly To My Mom’s Daughters 

My mom’s aunt and cousin sole concern for me is for the monarchy just as my mom’s daughters. My mom’s aunt, Cousin are not concerned for myself. I have noticed amnity from both my mom’s aunt, Cousin. My mom’s aunt’s amnity is noticeable by questions of if I had spoken to my mom’s family. My mom’s aunt’s daughter also has amnity against me, which I noticed by her comment, if I need anything to call them (pural) but I only have my mom’s aunt’s phone number and not her daughter’s. Both my mom’s aunt and cousin has the herd mentality questions if I have friends at the shelter with whom I talk too. That question is insulting for several factors, it is known not to trust strangers, especially at shelters, everyone knows about the racial tensions of Canada and in America, with that questions of having friends is similar to the non existent utopia, which was popular at the Bay area. I thought I could trust both my mom’s aunt, Cousin since, they are both Aryans but I was incorrect. I even planned to visit them when I had enough money but now I will not visit them, slowly I will keep my separation from them to call them on occasion during the day but no more of the regular calling times.