I Will Write Here What Happened To Me In America During The Revolution Of 2016: Because I Can’t Personally Share This With My Maternal Great Aunt & My Maternal Great Cousin Because It Will Cause Them Stress

I wasn’t aware, if my mom was alive, how she would feel for me during the revolution in the former USA during 2016. Now I have a sense of how my mom would worry for me because I noticed the concern for me from both my maternal Great Aunt, maternal Great cousin, and my mom’s friend in Seattle. If I can discuss everything to them, it would be this; it started with the nigger movement, which stared in the year 2014, during the mass riots, mainly on the eastern half of the USA people began to become very angry which included the former half related brother of my mom, who lived in Illinois. Sylvia began to have constant panic attacks because I discussed to her about National Socialism, which eventually Sylvia told me the truth of her own anti white racism. The church I attended, they admitted to being Satan worshippers, the pastor didn’t even had faith in God. The late husband of Judy couldn’t handle all the stress, which Fabian neglected his underage children. Eventually little Fabian moved away (unofficially) constantly staying at his friend’s house. The Avalos twins eventually become isolated from everyone, including themselves. The Avalos twins eventually lost most of their friends, lost all contact from Fabian’s family. During the late summer of 2015, mass racism started in the USA. Elizabeth Pedersen was constantly being called in public „mestizin racial bitch“ and her two sons too. It got too the point of the Pedersen’s, Lopez Pedersen two sons at a nervous breakdown and were admitted to the mental hospital, in which Elizabeth Pedersen deeply recented me for her two son’s nervous breakdown. Elizabeth Pedersen disowned me and I disowned Elizabeth Pedersen. Then in early 2016, anarchy was prevalent in the USA. I went to the hospital to ask for a stronger medicine for grief, for the loss of my mom, in which the people at the hospital falsely imprisoned me, they falsely believed I was a danger because of my maternal Grandfather Adolf Hitler, falsely more of a danger because my mom was born in the Third German Reich and for my ethnicity of German. I was released from the mental hospital because I explained to the judege, everything that happened to me at the hospital was against the American civil rights act, title 4, no discrimination based on ancestry nor nation of origin. Compared to the extreme racial anarchy in America, Canada is much better, even though racial tensions are high in Canada. In 2016 from January until April, when I moved to Canada, I was physically alone, my only interactions was during the trips to the grocery stores, getting my haircut every month. Eventually almost everyone at my former apartment, were self deportated, so even There, I was alone  (washing my clothes.)  I spent most of my day’s at the libraries mostly the King Library in San Jose, I infrequently visited the San Francisco main library, but I got tired of San Francisco, because, there is not much to do in San Francisco besides visiting Pier 39, ocean beach and the main library, San Francisco was very boring.