Tuesday 28 June 2016. Employees At Cambie Street Shelter Admitt, They Are Anti White Racists Against The Ethnic Germans

Not only are the employees at Cambie shelter are anti white racist but too they are very opposed to the ethnic Germans. This morning the sandnigger employee disclosed to me, his hatred towards the Aryans has was defined by his own definition of „multicultural.“ Furthermore the anti white racist sandnigger employee disclosed his desire of hatred against the ethnic Germans by saying, that sandnigger no longer want me to be a guest there at Cambie for symply for myself being German and racially Aryan. The usage of „multicultural“ from the sandnigger is very clear, which means hatred for everything that has to do with the Aryan race. I too, was very clear to the sandnigger and I did explained to the sandnigger, the discrimination is illegal by law.