Another Form Of Racism Which Is More Prevalent In Vancouver, BC; Than In America

In Vancouver, BC; the anti white racist herd mentality of discrimination of my English accent from England is more prelevant than in America. In America, the majority of anti white racism discrimination against my English accent, was if some individuals didn’t understand the English language and even numbers. In Canada, the anti white racism, is different, as a typed of angered hysteria, when I talk in public: offten I am angerly stared upon, as their facial expressions indicates, they don’t even want me to talk in public. Another form of the anti white racism discrimination against the English accent from England, is, as if several individuals, responds to me as  if the English accent from England is a totally different language from the form of the English language in the American continent. Sometimes, I  do want to respond to them and tell them sarcastically, what is wrong with you!? Don’t you understand the English language. The English accent from England is not so different in pronounination which would make conversations with born American continent individuals; not able to understand the original English language.