Anti White Racist Insanity This Morning At Cambie Shelter

Something was different about the replacement sandnigger, this morning. I’m not really sure why that sandnigger’s anti white racisism was very different from his other replacements. Previously,  I did noticed a homosexual correlation between Brad and that sandnigger. The previous incident, which angered both the Sandnigger and Brad, was less income from their homosexual gay whoring guests because after that homosexual incident, the guests at Cambie shelter were less in numbers, to which the shelter almost appeared empty. Now I know why both the sandnigger and Brad become angered, some homosexual masturbator was arrested, because some masturbator DNA was left on the floor in the restroom. It is factual the homosexual gay whore of the sandnigger became angered at me, for the government surveillance, which limits, the insane gay whoring at Cambie shelter. The employees at Cambie shelter do factual prefer the gay whoring because the shelter receives income from their guest, the employees at the Cambie shelter illegally ignore the gay whoring at Cambie shelter because of their shelter’s need for income. Brad is the main guest spokes speaker who represents the anti white racist homosexual gay whore employees, Brad does have as a manipulative lawyer on behalf of the anti white racist gay whoring employees at Cambie. It was God’s will that I obtained a booklet of renters right in British Columbia. The sandnigger employee and his wannabe manipulative lawyer harassed me because of my swastika shirt. I do know such anti white racist discrimination is very illegal in Canada because of my ancestry of my Paternal Grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, because I do have Queen Elizabeth II DNA such anti white racist discrimination is an insult directly on her too. The first anti white racist discrimination lie was, I couldn’t wear my swastika shirt in the shelter which I told the sandnigger, I can wear my swastika shirt in the shelter because I do know the laws of Canada. A few minutes later, the shelter’s wannabe manipulative lawyer also harassed me by stating American laws of separation of church and state. The shelter is part of some diasis but in British Columbia law because the shelter accommodates guest and is legally has the name of „hostel.“ British Columbia rental laws supperceasses the anti white racist policy at the Cambie shelter. It is law by British Columbia, any residential domicile (including hostels) can’t discriminate against ancestry, nation of origin, colour.